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We promote your practice on Google Search, Facebook, YouTube and innumerable websites to stay in the front of your target audience and drive quality leads.

Our internet marketing for dentists is fully comprehensive, which includes YouTube promotions, professional SEO for Google prominence and video / photography for the practice website.

Cell / Mobile

We deploy mobile specific bidding strategies and deliver a smooth effective user experience on mobile through click-to-call search and banner ads, auto fill Facebook lead ads and responsive landing page to state a few.

Cutting edge

We combine the latest ad units with sophisticated targeting options & robust ROI tracking to deliver cutting edge marketing for your practice.

  • Facebook Lead Ads for instant authentic leads.
  • Look-alike audience to hit the influence circle of your patient base.
  • Behavioral targeting,
  • Custom audience targeting to stay in the mind of current patient base.
  • View through conversions to track influence from ads.
  • Click-to-call ads combined with call tracking feature.


We design custom ad creatives and landing page highlighting your credentials, high star ratings, testimonials, services and special offers of your practice. We deliver a customized experience about your practice to undecided dental patients living nearby.


We optimize your campaigns and measure the success purely based on conversions we drive for your practice. It's not the clicks or website traffic, but the phone calls and website leads.

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