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Patient Recall Marketing Ads for Dentists

The key to success is to carefully follow the routine to call your patients. Often, patients forget their due dates and miss their appointment. In such cases a reminder call may help them to visit your dental office on the date of appointment. That's why a recall system is considered to be very essential for a dental office.

There are many forms of communication used in a recall system like SMS, E-mail and phone call. Using all the three modes of communication for reminding your patients will be highly effective. As people have their smart phones handy, texting them or mailing them will reach them immediately. At Dentalhi5, we can entirely automate your reminder system.

It is very much possible for you to skip to remind some appointments and the entire system may also be time consuming. Analyzing this, we give you a solution which automates your communication to your patients.

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Dr.Kamalesh Jinjuwadia

Patient Recall Marketing

ReachAll Dental Recall is an automated software that can help you communicate with your patients at the right time. We reach your patients through texts, e-mails and phone calls and see that they don't miss to visit your dental office.

At dentalHi5, we have a team of experts who design attractive reminders for the recall system. All the e-mail reminders are custom designed by our designers in an attractive way, so that it catches the attention of your patients and reminds them about their dental visit. By automating your recall system, you reduce the manual dependency level and saves more time. You can also monitor the recall rate, which will help you analyze your business performance. Recall reminders are also another way to market your dental practice. We can add a message about your services or can post some of your offer details which will help your patients with more valuable information.

Visit us or call us, if you are interested to automate your recall system for your dental practice. We have a team of marketing experts who will be happy to share more details about our ReachAll Dental Recall system.

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