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PPC advertising for Dentists- Why a PPC agency for a dentist will help?

PPC advertising for dentists or pay-per-click advertising is one of the most important forms of advertising. This form focuses on the audience already looking for the services that you are providing. In simple words, when a user types the keywords related to your search, your ad will appear at the top. You will in return, pay the search engine a fee, based on the numbers of clicks on it. This will benefit your business a lot, as your search will be among the top 4-5 Google ads for dentists. Your patients will be easily able to locate your practice and services. But the most important thing here is the advertising strategy or else, the campaign wouldn’t necessarily prove to be fruitful.

ppc for dentists

I am very happy with the results and the services they provide.

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Dr. Irina Ganzha

How can I make my campaign successful?

It is essential to understand that PPC for dentists is an expensive form of advertising. Since you will pay the search engine based on the number of clicks, it becomes very crucial to draft an effective campaign. To plan out a strategy that keeps the competition, budget and generation of leads in check is a must. PPC dental ads require a lot of time and efforts to make the campaign successful and worth your money.

The most common search engines are-

  • Google- This search engine sees over a billion searches every day. It is a known fact Google is a household name and the need of every user. This makes it essential for businesses to get on the Google search page results. Presence on Google should always be a vital element of any online marketing strategy.
  • Yahoo/Bing- While, Google handles the majority of the searches, other search engines like bing and yahoo also see a considerable amount of audience, making it essential to be present here. Notably, these platforms have different analytics. Keywords that might not perform well on Google, can prove to be effective on other engines.

Behind each successful campaign, there lies intensive planning, market research, and marketing strategy. The most effective campaigns focus solely on how it is meeting the needs of potential customers. Usage of necessary keywords and stating a clear message is a foremost step. Not just planning out the strategy but regular analysis for PPC ads for dentists is essential to keep a check on the performance of the campaign.

Should I hire a PPC advertising agency?

Doing Pay-Per-Click marketing for dentists, a success will both require time and efforts. Managing business while focusing on the promotion of it can be a difficult task. After this, you will also be to check up on whether or not the leads are generated. PPC advertising is also not so budget-friendly. The competition is so fierce that most of the campaigns fail to convert better results. Thus, having an excellent strategy is a must. Understanding the analytics and working on them can also increase the complexity of the work.

This is where an advertising agency will help you. A PPC Ads agency for a dentist will plan out a marketing strategy that is true to your business and will help you grow it. The procedure is also panned, keeping in mind the budget of the client.

The advertising copy is compelling, crisp and to-the-point keeping in mind the needs of the potential customers and your services that cater them. Being experienced, keyword usage and placement will be accurate. You will also be able to monitor the leads that are being generated. The finalized campaign will be well-suited for your practice concerning the services, area, location, and budget.

We define your ideal target audience and then start developing a perfect pay per click advertising campaign to suit your needs! Our PPC Services:

  • Keywords Research - We will find the ideal keywords which are most relevant to your dental practice.
  • Geographic Targeting - We will target ads based on the zip code, area and income level of individuals who are all located around your dental office.
  • Campaign Setup - We setup the ad campaign based on the promotions and location.
  • Ads - We will create Google ads that focuses on user benefits and with nice Call-to-Action (CTA).
  • Ad Schedule - We will only run the ads on office hours to spend the budget wisely.
  • Ad Extension - We will enable all the ad extension like Phone number extension, Site Link extension, Location extension etc., to make your ads stand out of the crowd.
  • Monitoring - We will monitor the progress of the Google ad campaign regularly.

Benefits of PPC for Dentists

Cost Effective and Highly Targeted

With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. So, you are not wasting your money promoting your dental practices to uninterested users. As a result, only prospective patients who need your dental services are guided directly to your dental website.

Helps you stay ahead of the Competition

As mentioned earlier, paid search ads are displayed on the top positions of search results. So, if any user searches for any dental services related to your business then they will more likely to see your dental website first. This helps you to stay ahead of your competition when it comes to online searches or leads.

Quicker Results

Dental PPC is one of the fastest ways to drive more prospective patients to your dental website and encourage them to take up your dental service or schedule a visit to your dental clinic. You can quickly see a spike in online leads through Dental PPC advertising.

Google Campaigns

  • Search - Search ads appear on top of Google search results when people search for products and services you offer. You will pay only when people click on your ads and visit your website or call your business.
  • Display Ads - With display ads, you can reach customers on the web and in apps across devices. Ads will be shown to prospective customers when they casually browse their favorite websites.
  • Video Ads - Video ads are shown only to prospective customers and you have to pay only when they watch your video ad. So, you won’t waste money advertising to people who aren't interested in your business.
  • App Ads - App ads are a simple way to promote your app to iOS and Android.


We implement the following things to grab the attention of potential new dental patients.


Quality score of an ad is determined based on factors set by Google. Based on the quality score, ads will be placed on the website. These factors include

  • Relevance of Ad copy
  • Relevance of Ad to landing pages
  • CTR (Click-through rate)
  • Account Performance History and others

To get high quality scores we need strong organization. High quality score will help you to get the full benefit of AdWords and maximize your profit.


Keywords are the specific search terms or phrases entered by the users in the search query box. Choosing the high search volume keywords is an important factor in any online marketing process. We choose keywords based on certain factors that are mentioned below:

We will select a keyword which matches closely with the content of the landing pages Also, we will select negative keywords to help streamline your ad We do not select keywords which rank too high as it will have a heavy competition and are highly expensive


Ads that we put should be appealing to users, only then users will click on our ad. There are different types of formats available in Google AdWords but text ads are the most popular type of ad.

Writing text for ad is a very challenging job as there are a lot of restrictions like ad space and limited number of words. We write ads with more focus on the tone of your advertisement and on relevant keywords that have direct connection with the target audience.

We will make sure the users feel that your dental practice is very near to help them. This will help increase the conversion rate and attract the users to click the ad or call your dental office.

The settings function in Google AdWords will give you more power and control to target your ads and save you money in the process. By implementing the above-mentioned things, we will help you have a high conversion rate and get more profits.


We are an expert in advertising for dentists. We follow a simple and unique method to promote your dental practices through paid ads.

Paid searches are continuously evolving and it requires both skill and time to always stay on top. With our proficiency in dental PPC services, we help you get a high ROI on your ad spend with high quality leads. We are also a certified Google Partner which means we follow high standards when it comes to implementing current best practices for your PPC account.

So, without a second thought call us right away and grow your dental practice today! Get noticed where it matters the most!

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