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Reputation Management for Dental Clinic

Online reviews has a huge impact in the ranking of your website and your website traffic. For a business like Dental practice, patient's feedback play a vital role in getting them new patients. Sites like Google, Yelp, etc., is where most of the potential patients do their research before visiting a dental practice and also give their feedbacks after their treatment is over.

Trust is the biggest foundation a business has to achieve to build its brand reputation. In order to build trust, it is important to manage the feedbacks, both positive and the negative ones in a proper way. We at DentalHi5, help to improve your online reputation through our exclusive software which identifies your patients and sends them a Patient survey form to get their experience about your treatment or service.

They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process

"We really enjoy working with SocialHi5. They have helped us a reach a lot more people on Facebook and Social media. I am very thankful and I also really appreciate the fact that they have always taken our feedback very well. They always act on our feedback and that makes us a part of the process and also that makes us feel more comfortable with the marketing as well. Thank you SocialHi5!

Dr. Ruchi Sahota

We actively manage all your reviews by acknowledging all the positive feedbacks and also responding to the negative feedbacks. Our software also facilitates you to view the reputation report that displays all the feedback that you have received. This enables to get a clear picture of what your patients think about your practice.

While you get an idea with your patient's feedback, care should be taken to give more attention to the negative feedbacks because they tend to reduce your ratings. By giving your patients, a positive experience, you can reduce the negative feedbacks from them. Positive feedbacks attract more new patients and increases the brand visibility. It also helps to place your website in the top place in search engines like Google. So, when the patients search for any dental service, they can reach your website through Google.

DentalHi5 has a team of marketing experts, who can help you with your online Reputation management and scale your website high in the search engine rankings. You can visit us or call us for a detailed discussion with our experts who will explain, how our system works for reputation management for dentists and its advantages.

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