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Facebook advertising for dentists:

Can a Facebook advertising agency for dentists help?

Are you thinking about promoting your business online? Then you must consider facebook as an essential platform to convey about your services. Facebook, as we all know, is one of the leading social media sites with more than 2 billion active users. These users spend a considerable amount of time daily on the site. This makes it a perfect platform for promoting your services, interacting with your customers to build a brand name for yourself.

Dental facebook marketing is cost-effective. So it won't create holes in your pocket. Moreover, you can reach a vast number of people by spending a little amount of money. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, there is an opportunity for everyone. Facebook advertising for dentists proves to be one of the best options for quick and efficient growth.

Our patient acquisition rate has doubled and my website traffic is great

"I have been practicing dentistry for about 15 years and sleep medicine for about 8 years. I have been working with SocialHi5 for more than two years. Since then, our patient acquisition rate has doubled and my website traffic is great too. We get quick phone calls and e-mails from patients and I can also check on our campaigns online in their website. I would recommend SocialHi5, for the great work they have done.

Dr. Pooja Goel

How does it work?

The main motive of dental facebook ads is not only to let a large number of people know about your business but also to build a brand. Facebook offers a lot of options where you can reach out on a larger scale. The outcomes of this will also be useful, bringing in new patients and converting them into a regular.

There are many options available for facebook ads for dentists that can help you target the right audience. Some of these are-

  • Demographics- Here, you can choose the age, gender, language and location of the audience you are planning to target. This will help you weed out the ones who have nothing to do with your audience. This makes sure that your words reach the right people.
  • Choose your specific audience- You can choose and target audience based on their email ids, facebook profiles or their phone numbers.
  • Behavior and Interest- You can choose an audience based on their shopping behaviors, interests, usage of the site.
  • Audience Reach- This option lets you select those based on their connectivity to your page. The mutual friends of the people already in your list will be able to view your site.

Can a Facebook advertising agency for dentists help you?

Now, that we know the benefits of facebook marketing for dentists and how it can help you grow your business, let us take a look at the problems you might face. Being an easy-to-reach platform, the competition is very high. It is effortless to create an ad on Facebook, but it is crucial and challenging to make it do the actual work. This is where a Facebook advertising agency for dentists comes to the rescue. Their experience with this niche will help you grow your business more efficiently. They will help you draft better campaigns and optimize them to reach to right people. The understanding of the tactics and algorithms will not only save time for you but also bring out better results.

Is the cost too high?

No, it isn't. It is very low when compared to the printing pamphlets with your names on it. With Facebook advertising, you get to focus on a more significant number of audience. Some of them might not necessarily be looking for a dentist, but it fits in the demographics for your target audience. Facebook marketing not only helps you to get new patients to your practice but also to maintain a smooth relationship with them. Their feedback, reviews will help you make a reputation that will last a long time. These patients will then be a regular at your practice.

Facebook Creative Process

dental facebook marketing
facebook ads for dentists
facebook marketing for dentists


We offer social media marketing and Facebook advertising for dentists like you. Our dentist advertising services will be on par with your campaign requirements and budget and will help you get new leads.

We define your ideal target audience and then start developing a perfect Facebook Advertising campaign to suit your needs! Our Facebook Marketing Service:

  • Facebook Audience Identification - We will find and target your prospective customers through Facebook targeting tools.
  • Facebook Page Development - We will help you design, build and maintain a professional Facebook page for your dental practice.
  • Creative Ad Design - Our in-house team of professional designers will create all the images required for the Facebook ads with unique creative ideas, designed especially for your target audience.
  • Statistical Monitoring - Using powerful analytical tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, we will monitor the progress of the Facebook campaign carefully.
  • ROI Reporting - We offer a high level of transparency into all aspects of the campaigns, including detailed reporting on calls, emails, and visits to your website.We will keep you posted about the conversion rates and monthly ROI reports.

How we can help you get New Patients

The Facebook Ads platform is a unique platform which lets you reach out and connect with potential new dental patients that you want to attract to your dental clinic. With targeted promotions aimed at specific people at the right time, we help you acquire new patients and solidify your dental practice's brand identity.


Facebook has more interest based data than any other platform in the world and we can use that data to target specific group of people who might be interested in your dental practice.

  • Age and Demographics Based Targeting: We target users based on their age and location or demographics. For example, If you want to promote Invisalign, we can specifically target young audience in the age group of 18-30 who are most likely be interested in enhancing their smile.
  • Fans Targeting: We can target the fans of your Facebook page. These individuals may already visited your clinic or be interested in your dental practice.
  • Friends of Fans: We can target friends of your fans (people who have already liked your Facebook page).
  • Targeting LookaLike Audience: We can target individuals who are having same interests that we are looking for. Facebook allows filtering of users with specific interests and behaviors.
  • Custom Audience: You may want to target people who have previously visited your dental clinics. For this, we use custom audience targeting in which the target users are already known.
  • Language: We can target people based on their language. For example, if you want to target specific individuals who speak Spanish, we can specifically target Spanish speaking individuals who are also interested in your dental practice.
  • Narrow Audience: The most important thing that sets us apart is that we can target specific group of individuals with specific interests. For example, if you want to only target Indians who are having interest in your dental practice, we will precisely target that audience.
  • Behaviors and Interest: We can target people with specific behaviors and interests. For example, we can target people who have liked pages about dental implants. By doing so, we can target people who are having same set of interests that we are looking for.


Website clicks: We will run website clicks campaign to generate quality leads. When the user clicks the ad, he/she will be redirected to your dental website.

Lead Generation: In this type of campaign, when users click the ad, he/she will be prompted with a contact us form to enter their queries along with contact details.

Page likes: If you want to increase the number of followers or like on your FB dental page, then we will run page like campaign. The main aim of this campaign is to increase fans of your dental page.

Video campaign: Similar to website clicks, we can put video ads about your dental practice and redirect the users to your dental website.


We implement the following things to grab the attention of potential new dental patients.

  • Business Info. This might be the most overlooked part of the Facebook Advertising. But it is the most important one to build a brand image among users. We make sure that your dental practice's name is clearly and correctly displayed on all ads.
  • Clear Ad Text. This is the text that will be displayed above the ad image and is usually limited to 25 characters. We use catchy value addition phrases to attract users.
  • Attractive Images. This is the most important part of Facebook ad, so we use professional photos to make sure the images are in the right size for the ad type and placement. We also make it simple and attractive.
  • Catchy Headline. Research shows that the most popular Facebook Ads headline length is just 4-5 words. That's why we use be simple and concise headline like Dental Implants, Get Your Smile Back etc.
  • Call To Action. Facebook offers a variety of Call To Action (CTAs) options, but we generally use "Call now", which directs the person to the your website. We also put your office phone number in the Call To Action to encourage users to contact you, if they are interested in your dental practice.

Facebook advertising will help solidify your dental practice's brand identity. Facebook Ads is all about brand awareness!

Interested in Facebook advertising? Call us now and get a free proposal to promote your dental practice like never before!


Remarketing is one of the most effective means of closing potential users who already visited or liked your website or Facebook page. It actually yields one of the highest returns on ad spends. We remarketing, we try to re-engage with people who came to your dental website, but did not become your customer (new patient). You can offer them some discounts, so that they can become your new patients.

Remarketing helps to focus on the people who are interested in dental practices and remind them how great your dental services are or why going with your dental service is the right decision.

Anyone who visited your dental website, but did not convert as a new patient, will be shown an ad on Facebook with a attractive image depicting the dental services that they had been looking at with a little more information on the specialty of you dental practice.

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