Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Can Help Your Dental Practice Overcome The Challenges Imposed By The COVID-19


Top 10 Reasons Why SEO Can Help Your Dental Practice Overcome The Challenges Imposed By The COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has definitely taken the dental industry aback. However, you must know that you are not alone in your fight against the pandemic. Our experts at DentalHi5 are helping our clients and their patients with everything they need to overcome these unsettling times.

“Is It Wise to Continue Investment in SEO Amid These Severe Conditions?”

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 has driven many dentists to either completely abandon their usual routines and procedures or strictly shift from cosmetic dentistry to emergency dentistry. Naturally, you might question the need for continuing to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or digital marketing campaigns. However, you must look at the bigger picture – the pandemic is going to end someday. You must also keep in mind that stopping your investments won’t lead to your competitors doing the same and, as a result, they would be miles ahead of you by the time the crisis gets over. Besides, it would be insanely difficult, when the industry begins to thrive again, to come back and acquire your lost patients from after you have fallen way behind. Hence, continuing with your dental marketing strategies (such as SEO and digital marketing) will undoubtedly give you an edge over those who won’t.

SEO specialists at DentalHi5 are here to help you with your SEO needs

Our professionals at DentalHi5 are working continuously to help adapt your dental marketing strategies to the new reality of life. We are offering a host of advanced services to help you as well as your patients combat the deadly virus. For instance, we can instantly post a message on your website informing patients about the crucial steps being taken by you to keep your office out of any danger. You are free to customise this message as you deem fit and have it posted on any or all of your website pages. There are numerous other services that we are providing to ensure that you help your patients in any way possible, educate your readers as well as stay on top of your competitors.

Below are 10 other opportunities we are offering to ensure that investing in SEO brings you real results during this pandemic.

1. Teledentistry for Virtual Consultations

DentalHi5 can help you carry out teledentistry via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic device with a camera. It is the best way to ensure the safety of your staff as well as your patients. Teledentistry can be defined as the virtual consultation that takes place between patients and dentists online for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, etc. of oral issues. From the collection of patient information and recording to payments and signature, everything is done online. Contact our team today for detailed information.

2. Keep your patients informed

These confusing and chaotic times require you to ensure that your patients get the right and latest information about your practice. For instance, we can help you ensure that your revised office timings are correctly put up on your website and other business listings.

3. Audit your website content

Since you now have extra time on your hands, you should consider auditing your entire website content. We can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your website focuses on your current processes and procedures that are being undertaken in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

4. Interact with your patients

Your patients are more confused and overwhelmed than ever before. You should take this time to interact with your patients online and give them all the necessary information they need to fight this battle. We can help you make this happen with our live chat feature. 

5. Reply to pending reviews and comments

This is the ideal time to check up on any unanswered review or comment that you might have on your website and take this opportunity to share your current timings and schedules. Besides, we can make sure that your website has all the necessary information that needs to be posted regarding your practice. 

6. Conduct CE courses online

We can help you shift your Continued Education events online (instead of canceling them) and schedule an in-person meeting after the pandemic ends.

7. Revamp your website

If you haven’t had the time to update and change the look of your website in a long time, then now is the right time to pursue it. We can help you revamp your website, enhance the user experience, make it more engaging and modify your content accordingly.

8. Focus on link-building

It always pays to have good connections in today’s competitive world. Leave it to us to check the number and type of backlinks on your website. We can help you identify and focus on those backlinks, which will boost your SEO. 

9. Use social media to reach out to your patients

Social media platforms are the best way to broadcast any vital information that you might want to convey or simply inform your patients regarding your methods of coping with the crisis. We can ensure that these outreaches are visible on your website. This is an effective way of keeping in touch with your patients and maintaining a healthy relationship with them.

10. Focus on unexplored keywords

We can surely help you with detailed analysis of keywords and website traffic. However, these unpredictable times also make it necessary to explore new keywords which you might not have considered otherwise. For instance, we can analyse the flow of traffic on COVID-19 pages to identify what’s generating it and optimize your website and content accordingly.


We have taken measures to ensure that we provide uninterrupted services amid this pandemic. Feel free to reach out to our team regarding any query that you might have or any information that you might want to know. 

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