Choose The Optimal Digital Channels For Marketing Your Dental Practice!


Choose The Optimal Digital Channels For Marketing Your Dental Practice!

As a dentist, you would probably advertise your clinic/practice through flyers and newspapers. In the era of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, people spend more time in the virtual space (internet). Therefore, it pays to be savvy on the various digital marketing strategies available.

With the overview on digital marketing options given below, you will see that dentists needn’t be software or marketing wizards to enhance visibility and credibility in the community. The simpler options that you could do on your own come first, followed by the more sophisticated ones that require the recruitment of professionals.

  1. Facebook Posts
  2. This simple portal could afford you great brand awareness, build networks and give “personal touch” with your current/prospective patients. You could use pictures and videos to showcase events, new procedures or instruments, etc. Facebook also gives you simple analytics on how many visited your page and could also reflect how they engaged with your contents. These aspects could help you fine-tune your efforts to reach out to the community.

  3. Emails
  4. This is the most personalized option, to reach out to individuals. Written with a one-on-one perspective, it is a very potent medium for conveying commitment and new developments. A personal reminder or a special incentive could go a long way to bring in more patients!

  5. Blogs
  6. This is a “scholastic” way. It shows your patient that you are an expert in the field. When you write about the latest technology or developments, the patients become more informed of the options and see you as a credible professional. You can also write broad-impact and generic essays that could educate them about some common misunderstandings or bad habits on dental hygiene, thereby spreading awareness and goodwill.

  7. Reviews
  8. Most consumers go by public rating of any products, and that includes “dental/healthcare services”. So, having reviews of your patients displayed on your website or Facebook page (along with your prompt and proactive response) goes a long way to build trust.

  9. Remarketing
  10. This is a clever strategy to connect with prior visitors to your website, when they browse elsewhere on the internet. This way, you become more noticeable to your prospective patient and therefore, there is a greater chance that he/she makes an appointment at your clinic. This modality would require you to solicit services of a digital remarketing company.

  11. Google PPC (pay per click) or Adwords
  12. You could have text, banner and video ads displayed across gmail, youtube, google search results, etc. This gives you visibility in several millions of websites and the ad could also be placed adjacent to a needy patients query on the same context! You need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Google has fairly easy tutorials on the subject and you can control many aspects of this service.

    The best strategy?

    Depending on your flair, use them all wisely. When you are more visible, accessible, and credible, your practice is sure to grow!

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