A Dentist’s Comprehensive Guide To Acquiring More Patients Through Dental Implant Marketing


A Dentist’s Comprehensive Guide To Acquiring More Patients Through Dental Implant Marketing

Why has dental implant marketing garnered immense popularity in the dental world?

A study has found that an adult belonging to the age group of 20 and 64 years has, on an average, at least 3 missing, decayed or damaged teeth. Hence, it’s no wonder that the demand for dental implants is stronger than ever. Even though dental implants have transformed the lives of many, a considerable part of the population remains in the dark when it comes to their life-altering benefits. However, being a dental provider, you can bring about the necessary change and educate people about the potential of dental implants. 

If you wish to expand your reach and acquire more patients, investing in dental internet marketing is more crucial than ever. Once you implement effective implant marketing strategies, you will witness an increase in your patient acquisition rate. 

Below are a few tips on how to customize your marketing strategies to attract and acquire more dental implant patients:

1. Focus on location-based dental implant marketing strategies

As noted above, three or more missing or decayed teeth are usually found in the average adult. This implies that the adult section of the population remains eligible for getting dental implants. An effective way of identifying your target audience to ensure an increased conversion rate is by determining the geographical location of your potential patients. This is because people prefer dental providers closer to them to drive hours to see a dentist. 

You can develop a radius of the target around the area of your office using your potential patients’ demographic data and strategize how to engage your target audience. You can also go through your own patient records to get an estimate of how far people are willing to commute in search of dental care services. This locational information can be used to create effective marketing campaigns. You also have paid search ads at your disposal to accurately target the identified radius around your practice. These ads will enable you to engage potential patients who need dental implants and are actively searching for information on them on search engines. 

2. Build an attractive, user-friendly website to draw in more dental implant patients

With the internet being easily accessible at reasonable costs, most people go online at least once a day for various purposes. A study has also found that people primarily use the internet when looking for healthcare providers. Thus, patients are increasingly relying on the internet to seek required medical services, answers to their queries or more information. 

With the increasing penetration and use of smartphones, developing a mobile-friendly website is of utmost importance. Your website must provide potential patients with all the information they need to arrive at a decision such as your office hours, information regarding dental implants and the procedure, treatment plans, and booking of appointments. When a patient finds everything that he or she needs to know at one place (your website), you instantly become more appealing to him or her. You practically make it easier for them to rely on you. Besides, you must also ensure that your website is optimized with the right keywords (for instance, “dental implants near me” or “how do dental implants work”) for search engines to display your practice at the top when a patient searches for information on dental implants. 

3.Make sure to accommodate blogs in your dental internet marketing strategy

A blog is as crucial for your dental implant marketing strategy as your website itself. The blog section of your website will serve as the ideal platform for you to further educate your audience about dental implants and other dental procedures. Without a blog, your website will come across as outdated and search engines do not direct users to an outdated website. A patient searching for information on dental implants will find your blogs as extremely useful in getting all the information they need. Your intensive efforts in spreading the right knowledge may even land you that patient. Besides, regular blogging will make you come across as constantly updated with the latest dental information to your potential patients. 

4.Do not underestimate the power of social media platforms

If you do not consider it necessary to invest in social media marketing, you must stop and think again. A study has found that most people turn to social media platforms to connect with people, engage with new content, share information and entertain themselves. Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the one that is used by most adults. So, if you are not already investing in a social media plan, you are missing out on a vast source of potential patients. 

You can start by creating accounts in the most popular social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter. Once you create accounts, you must monitor them and post regularly. Hence, it is advisable to not overwhelm yourself by creating too many accounts initially. When you’re beginning, a social media management tool can help you schedule your content. The benefits of using such a tool are that it’s time-saving and you will know the optimum times to post when engagement is maximum. Another great technique is to share your blogs on your social media channels to direct traffic to your website. Amidst everything, do not forget to interact with your audience. Respond to comments and queries in order to show your potential patients that you care about them. 

5.Monitor your online presence, reputation and reviews

In today’s digital world, online reviews are considered at par with personal recommendations. Keeping this in mind, you must keep track of the online reviews regarding your practice. Even if most of your patients are satisfied with your services, a couple of bad reviews can tarnish your overall image. These reviews can single handedly drive potential patients away. Hence, managing your reputation and reviews becomes imperative. 

The best way to monitor your online reviews is by using review management software. Such software encourages your patients to rate their personal experiences and share their views regarding your practice on websites like Google, Vitals, and so on. Patients will instinctively choose the dental provider, which has the most number of positive reviews. Hence, it can help you attain as many positive reviews as possible. These positive reviews will also boost your rankings on search engines and strengthen your online presence. Always respond to people posting reviews about your practice to show that you’re compassionate towards your audience. It can help you determine whether your patients are happy with your services and where you need to improve. Monitoring your online presence, reputation and reviews can not only help you formulate better marketing strategies but also strengthen your relationship with your patients. 

6. Keep track of your dental internet marketing campaigns

After implementing your dental implant marketing campaigns, you must keep track of their performances. This will help you identify which critical areas of the campaigns are essential for the growth of your practice and which strategies are or are not working. Tracking tools, such as Google Insights, help you identify the people who are engaging, what they are interested in and so on. Certain blog posts may be performing better than the rest and certain posts may be garnering more likes and comments than others on social media. Analysing your marketing campaigns will help you find out the answers to these queries and more. Being in the dark about the performance of your campaigns may result in you wasting your resources on the wrong strategies. 

At DentalHi5, our dental marketing experts can help you implement all the above marketing strategies and more to bring in real results for your business. Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

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